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AP Chemistry VS AP Biology

AP Chemistry VS AP Biology: Which One Is Tougher?

Are you willing to know which subject is harder and which subject is best between AP Chemistry VS AP Biology? One of the most important aspects of AP Chemistry lessons is understanding, memorization and various terms in mathematics. In AP Chemistry you have to use a very special formula and just crush the numbers, not something that you are going to do too much in biology.

Sometimes you have to be a researcher and sometimes you have to rely on memorization. The subject is taught to the students regarding the application of chemistry in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. AP Biology requires an overall understanding of specific topics such as biology as well as various scientific methods, ecology and evolution.

Yes, it is the most memorable intensive subject but there is much more to it. Memorization will get you through multiple choices, but requires a solid level of technical writing in the open-ended feedback section as well as the ability to break it down into parts capable of handling a problem.

AP Chemistry VS AP Biology: Which Subject Is Harder?

If these two subjects are compared side by side, it will be difficult to say which one is more difficult. However, most students are of the opinion that applied chemistry is a more difficult subject than applied bio. Of course, there are some reasons behind their doctrine. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

laws and rules

The main topic of discussion in applied biology or biology is the natural environment, including organisms and inert matter. Although these discussions are logical, there are no hard and fast rules or laws, so they will be easier and smoother to understand.

However, since most of the discussion of chemistry is based on evidence, the application of the formula is more visible here. One thing to keep in mind is that almost all the terms in chemistry depend on the formula, be it complex or simple.

Understanding common words is not as easy for a student as understanding simple formula terms. Moreover, a lot of formulas have been used here that it is relatively difficult to remember. And it is important to know when to solve the problem based on the formula.

Memory and problem-solving skills

AP Chemistry requires logical thinking and problem-solving skills like mathematics and physics at different times. That means chemistry is a unique subject that sits between these two skills. Chemistry is a difficult subject for most students because it involves improving both their memory and problem-solving skills.

However, in the case of AP Biology, you have to rely on memorization. Moreover, since there are less mathematical or formulaic problems, it is also easier to solve. From this point of view, AP chemistry is a difficult subject.

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Use of symbols and formulas

As one of the branches of chemistry, applied chemistry mainly deals with various elements and compounds. Different symbols and signals are used in all the cases of element, the chemical nature of the element, the formation of compounds by the element. Although there are a total of 116 elements in the world, millions of compounds are formed with them. It is very difficult to remember that each element and compound has different symbols and Formulas.

The main topics of applied biology are Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Synthetic Biology etc. As a result, no special symbols or formulas need to discussed about it. The language of applied biology is simple and fluent which is easily understood. If you have good memorization then you can do well in this subject. However, it is not possible to advance in applied chemistry with just memorized knowledge.

Mathematics as an integral part

Like physics, mathematics is an important element in the study of chemistry. In order to navigate the chemistry problem i.e., to perform various important reactions skillfully and get 100% effective results, you have to rely on this algebraic calculation. If you want to take chemistry to an advanced level, then calculus will play an effective role.

Biology is a simple and easy to understand because all its problems depend on the nature or the individual. So, there is no need to apply strict mathematical terms to solve these problems. Moreover, it would not be wrong to say that there is no mathematical application in biology.

Technical terms

Biology has no language of its own. However, in some cases, special scientific names are used when revealing the name of an organism or an object. Besides, biology does not have its own language. From this point of view, chemistry has a language of its own, with many ideas and formulas. It is trimmed with jargon, making it difficult for students to memorize every technical word.

It also does not help to have a total of 118 elements, creating its own system of exclusive writing equations. Studying its concepts is not enough to learn chemistry. You need to explain its technical terms as accurately as possible.

Availability in real life

Many times, students complain in frustration that “I can’t see the molecule! I know how it is. Students find it easier to understand when they can understand the subject matter in their hands or when the subject matter of the lesson is available to them. While everyone uses math on a daily basis to calculate money, other students see how biology works all the time.

Moreover, with almost all the contents of biology available around us, we have a good idea about these and it is easy to understand them. However, students do not use chemistry on a daily basis and so they find chemistry a difficult subject. Students can also do some physics tests at home, but trying a chemistry test at home can be dangerous.

Wrap Up

Overall, no subject is difficult, and if you do hard austerities, you will succeed. Moreover, all subjects are equally important. No one is ahead or behind anyone. The subject that you find difficult may seem easier to your friend, or the subject that you find easier may seem difficult to your friend. However, in some respects, applied chemistry may seem difficult to everyone compared to applied biology. We have presented some of the reasons above.

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