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Envato vs Canva

Envato vs Canva: Which Tool Is Best for Designers?

Envato or Envato elements and Canva are two popular online-based designing tools for creating quality designs. They provide you with unlimited high-quality templates, graphic elements, and video categories as well as anything else you need to create your project shine. So, which designing tool is best between Envato vs Canva?

Envato is the best design tool for those who are looking for a tool that will let them create high-quality designs. This tool comes with a lot of design elements like premium templates, unique fonts, music, images, and much more. However, this tool will be a bit hard to use for beginners.

On the other hand, Canva design tool is a great design tool for those who are searching for an easy-to-use design tool to create exclusive designs. Like Envato, this tool also has a lot of design elements like fonts, templates, images, videos, and much more. Novice or those who wish to rapidly make simple designs will love it.

So, now the question is Which designing tool is best between Envato vs Canva? This article is going to compare these two online-based design tools that will help you understand which one is best for you. So, continue browsing this article before subscribing to the paid version of one of these tools.

An Overview of Envato

Envato is a popular platform that offers freelance developers and designers a place to market their goods. It is the top online network in the world for creative resources, tools, as well as talent. It is an amazing platform that has assisted thousands of individuals all around the world in creating, enhancing, and perfecting their ideas.

The images, layouts, fonts, and other design elements are of unsurpassed quality and diversity. There are millions of pre-made templates, stock pictures, and other resources at Envato design Elements. After subscribing to the monthly plan, you are free to download as much as you like. There is a lifetime corporate license for everything.

With such an industry-leading platform, Envato can assist you in finishing your projects more quickly. It has all the required tools to launch, operate, and expand your online business. It also launched a design tool, Placeit, which can help you make excellent graphics. Placeit is an online-based tool that is used to create photographs, edit photos, create posters, and produce other visual content.

To assist you in creating the design of your choice, this tool has hundreds of templates. Envato is ideal for newbies who need premium-quality work in a hurry because it is also incredibly user-friendly. You do not even need to be a graphic designer to locate what you need because of its vast library of resources. If you are looking for easy-to-use designing tool, Evanto is the best option for you.


  • It comes with a lot of premium-quality graphic templates
  • Evanto has a Library of 7000+ creative as well as attractive fonts
  • It has several elements including illustrations, icons, textures, etc.


  • The Interface is a bit hard to understand for newbies

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An Overview of Canva

Canva is an impressive online-based designing tool that anyone can use to make extraordinary graphics. It is one of the reputed and effective design tools for both experts and beginners. Although most people just think of it as an only image design solution, it is indeed much more than an image editor. You may use a ton of different templates to deal with different categories.

This design tool comes with a ton of powerful functions, from a straightforward drag-and-drop functionality to dozen free fonts, photos, and high-quality graphics. These comprise business cards, flyers, as well as infographics. With this tool, you can create anything, including websites, PDFs, bills, flyers, and infographics.

This tool is frequently used to create graphics, short clips, presentations, slides, Logos, posters, as well as other visual assets. This program will ask you what kind of graphic you’re trying to make before presenting you with numerous template graphics. With the help of templates or other design components, you may develop your own digital assets on the Canva platform.

You can use Canva through a web browser or download the application and it comes with free and paid versions. You may access thousands of pre-made templates that cover every topic in Canva’s free edition. However, the paid version of Canva brings a lot of features and functions and lets you work effectively. Overall, Canva design tool is a very helpful designing tool for beginner to expert graphics designers.


  • This tool comes with lot of templates and graphics elements
  • Comes with simple interface and it is easy to use for newbies
  • Canva design tool comes with both free and paid versions


  • The free version of this tool offers limited graphic elements

Envato vs Canva: Comprehensive Comparison

In this Envato vs Canva comparison, I’m going to discuss all the key similarities and differences between these two designing tools. So, explore this comparison and it will help you understand which one could be your best design assistant.

Ease of Use

Regarding useability, both Envato and Canva perform excellently well. YES! Both of these online-based tools come with a simple interface and really easy to use. However, if we compare the useability side-by-side between these two tools, Canva will give you more advantages.

Of-Course! Canva is easier to use than Envato design elements. The user interface of Envato is relatively harder to understand for beginners. The files or templates of this tool are also a bit challenging to edit. On the other hand, Canva design tool is really beginner-friendly tool that are easy to use for newbies. Everything inside this tool is clear and easily understandable for novices.

Features and Elements

Although there are a lot of designing tools available, Envato and Canva are the most popular among others. And when it comes to features, Canva is really upfront than Envato. YES! Canva comes with much more features compared to Envato and it is also affordable. In fact, the elements collection of Envato is half of Canva.

Canva design tool comes with a lot of elements and also offers several elements for free. However, you can access the available elements of Envato only by subscribing to one of the plans. So, in terms of available features, Canva is the real winner!

Overall Quality of Files

Considering the quality of the file is really crucial. The high-quality media is important for business since it helps to engage more audiences. One of the key distinctions between Canva and Envato is the overall quality of the files as well as downloads.

Envato’s files are of inferior quality and might be challenging to print and download, whereas Canva design tool delivers high-quality graphics that are perfect for printing. You can also download your file in different format from Canva.  The files from Canva are much simpler to alter than those from Envato, which might be more challenging.

License Options

For a nominal monthly cost, Envato licensing provide you a restricted, non-transferable permission to utilize the Envato for barter. You may pick from a variety of permits that meet your demands and professional objectives, ranging in price from $9.99 to $99.99 per month. Their license can also be purchased in bulk at a discount.

On the other hand, Canva is accessible for both personal and professional usage. However, you can also subscribe to the paid plans to gain access to more tools and professional design templates. Each license permits a single user or a small, one-location business to use Canva.

Pricing and Plans

Last but not least, these two designing tools also differ from each other when it comes to pricing and plans. And Canva outperforms Envato when it comes to pricing and plans. YES! Canva comes with much more plans with different pricing and it is also affordable compared to Envato.

Envato Elements have three plans: the personal plan, the student plan, as well as the team plan. The monthly plan has a monthly cost of $33 and the annual plan has a monthly cost of $16.50. For the individual plan, there are two different price choices. You will receive a 50% discount on Envato Elements if you decide to pay annually.

On the other hand, Canva comes with a free version that is totally free to use. It also comes with several paid plans like the pro plan and the Team plan. Canva Pro Plan is available at $6.49 per month and the Team Plan is available at $8.49 per month. And the most amazing thing is that Canva Education is available for free for students.

Plan NameEnvatoCanva
Free PlanNot AvailableAvailable
Individual plan$33.00 per month$6.49 per Month
Team Plan$107.50 for 5 person per month, $10.75 per person$8.49 for First 5 Person per month and then $8.02 for per added person
Student Plan$23.10 per monthFree For Students

Envato vs Canva: Which one is best?

Now the question is which one is best between Canva and Envato Design tools. Both these two Software’s come with several advanced features and functions. Both these two platforms provide users access to a number of tools for producing designs with a professional appearance.

Canva focuses on making the creative process easier for consumers whereas Envato provides a broad range of services and products. I would choose Envato above other options for the premium templates, fonts, and other things it provides. On the other hand, Canva is an excellent tool for creating high-quality graphics easily.

Wrap Up

Envato and Canva are two of the best platforms that provide services that may be used to design exclusive graphics. They are quite similar to one another, therefore it’s important to grasp their distinctions before making a decision between them. Which platform you choose will ultimately depend on your brand and your comfort level across many platforms. This Envato vs Canva comparison may help you understand which tool is best for you.

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