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What Foods Cause Crystals in Dog Urine

What Foods Cause Crystals in Dog Urine: Know The Exact Cause

Do you know What Foods Cause Crystals in Dog Urine? Bladder stones or crystals in dog urine are a common problem for both adult dogs and puppies. These crystals are made up of bladder stones, which act as the building blocks. Despite the fact that crystals may be present in a dog’s pee, they could be at elevated risk of kidney stones.

Several things can cause Crystals in Dog Urine. Although stones in a dog’s urination may be caused by a dog’s food, this does not always mean that the dog’s diet is to blame. Certain forms of crystals may be prevented by feeding a prophylactic diet to dogs who are at risk. Read this article to know What Foods Cause Crystals in Dog Urine.

What are Crystals in Dogs Urine?

Crystals in the urine, also known as crystalluria, are a common problem for every dog and cat. Urine crystals refer to the presence of solids in the urinary tract that interferes with the normal excretion process. The presence of crystals in the urine may indicate the presence of a bladder stone or even that the urine milieu is ideal for the creation of a bladder stone. In certain circumstances, Urine crystals may be a modest discovery and cause no concern.

Small dogs seem to be the ones that are most susceptible to urine crystals. It is believed that one of the reasons for this is because they have a weaker thirst appetite when compared to huge dogs. Our brief guide will make you realize how to recognize a urinary issue in your dog, how to treat it, and what to do to keep the dog’s urine health in top shape.

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What causes crystals in dog urine?

Dog urine can cause crystal for a variety of reasons. Food, eating habits, urine PH level, or even various minerals be caused for Crystals in Dog Urine. A dog’s urine may be affected by crystals due to one of the following:

The pH level of urine

The pH level is one of the major factors for urine. The lack of pH in the urine and excess pH in the urine are harmful, and it is one of the most causes of crystals in dog urine. The pH level of a healthy, as well as normal dog’s urine, should range between 5.5 to 7.

Insulin Hormone

It has been shown that dogs with endocrine diseases like diabetes have a higher risk of developing crystals in urine. Urinary tract infections are a primary cause of crystal in dogs’ urine, and many diabetic dogs have repeated infections. Approximately 40% of dogs contain crystals in the urine, but in 98 percent of instances, a UTI was the catalyst for the crystals to develop into stones.

Dog Food

For a well-balanced dog’s diet, vitamins, as well as minerals, are essential. Home-cooked meals and commercial dog food may be used for both prevention and therapy. Bladder stones in dogs may be caused or worsened by a diet that is excessively heavy in minerals. Breeds like the Dalmatians have such a higher risk than others.

What Foods Cause Crystals in Dog Urine?

There are various causes for Crystals in Dog urine. One of the most things that have more impact on the causes of Crystals in Dogs Urine is their diet. There are several foods available that can cause urine crystals in dog pee. So, you have to know what food causes bladder stones in dogs or crystal in dog urine.

It is possible to get urolithiasis if you feed your dog the incorrect sort of food. Certain minerals found in high concentrations in dog food may enhance the likelihood of Urine crystal formation. The minerals magnesium, as well as phosphate, are mineral elements of the most prevalent crystal type struvite; hence, excessive quantities of these minerals should not be fed to a dog.

Various study has seen that due to improper digestion process is one of the most cause for dogs’ urine crystal. There are many foods on the market that contains several ingredients that is not so easy to digest for a dog. This kind of food can be responsible for stones in your dog’s urine.

The dog food that your dog consumes has an impact on the acidity of his pee (pH). The presence of some stones may be encouraged by this, making it critical to offer a dog diet that promotes healthy bladder function.

How Do You Treat Crystals in Dog Urine Naturally?

In many cases, crystals in dog urine do not have much effect. However, it must be solved through proper treatment. So, you need to consult a veterinarian about what kind of stones are in your dog’s urinary bladder and how to remove them. If it has too many side effects after the checkup, it should be removed surgically immediately.

But the hope is that you can treat it naturally. Changing your dog’s diet can help prevent urethral stones from forming. Dog food can play a special role in this because there are many dog foods on the market that can help you in the natural treatment of dog urinary bladder stones. How do you treat crystals in dogs’ urine naturally is discussed in detail below­_

Home-Made Food

A commercial diet cannot be the perfect diet for dog urine stones, no matter what they advertise. So, in this case, you should consider a home-made diet. However, in this case, you should refrain from using large animals such as beef or bull meat when preparing food for a dog that has a crystal in urine.  

Crystals in dog pee may be effectively treated with a home-made diet that is prepared correctly. You may feed your dog these recipes if you review them with a veterinarian or a canine veterinarian and determine them to be adequate. This might save your lovely dog’s life.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Vinegar is the most often prescribed home treatment for dogs with bladder stones. This treatment has been demonstrated to be effective in the treatment and prevention of a wide range of different health issues. With only a few tablespoons of apple vinegar, you could help restore the pH balance in the dog’s body.

If you’re looking for superior outcomes, go for an unpasteurized and natural product like Bragg instead of a more common kind. Vinegar with a 5 percent acidity level, such as Bragg’s (or comparable brands), is unheated and unsweetened. For a dog with crystal in urine, that’s what you need.

Cranberry Extract

Cranberry extract is one of the most effective solutions for your dog if your dog has crystals in his urine. Since cranberries prevent bacterial infections in the urethra of dogs, it is effective in counteracting some of the factors that contribute to crystal formation in dogs’ urine.

Your dog’s urinary system may benefit from the addition of cranberry extraction to its food in order to offset the alkaline pH in the urinary tract that promotes to struvite crystal development. Even the most susceptible to UTIs may benefit from a high-dose intake of cranberry extracts.

Increase Water Consumption

Another cause of crystals in puppy urine is lack of water. When it comes to water, some dogs don’t drink as much as they should. If that’s your dog, come up with some novel methods to get him to drink more water. A smart place to start is by switching to a more sodium-rich wet dog food.


Probiotics are one of the most used ingredients of dog food. Fortunately, probiotics also help to prevent the dog from urine crystals. Because a dog’s process of digestion isn’t operating properly, he or she may acquire bladder stones. So, probiotics will help to treat crystals in dogs’ urine naturally by enhancing the digestion process.

The FAQs

Can dogs get crystals in their urine?

Crystals in dog urine are not unusual. Crystals are so frequent in pets that they are considered normal. However, if crystals become too many or atypical forms of crystals appear, they might create issues or signal the presence of illness.

Can dog food cause crystals in urine? 

There are many reasons behind the formation of crystals in dog urine. Some of these dog foods, especially minerals found in high concentrations in dog food, may enhance the likelihood of Urine crystal formation.

How do I know if my dog has crystals in urine?

The most common symptoms of crystal in dogs’ urine are blood in the urine, Frequent urination, Pain on urination, pressure to urinate, Inappetence and anorexia.

Can a dog live with bladder stones?

Bladder stones of crystal in dogs’ urine may cause urinary infections, discomfort, and obstructions, which can be deadly if left untreated. If you believe your dog has a bladder stone, call your veterinarian right once.

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