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How To Create An Animated NFT

How To Create An Animated NFT Art In 2024

Do you know how to create an animated NFT efficiently? The full form of NFT is a nonfungible token that is basically stored on a digital ledger and is unique in nature, and it is not interchangeable like cryptocurrencies. You can easily create animated videos and gifs, convert them to NFT, and then sell them on blockchain marketplaces.

If we want to know the process of creating an animated NFT, we must first know what an Animated NFT is. NFT is a type of cryptocurrency built on the same code as Bitcoin. It is like a cryptocurrency, but the only difference is that it is not interchangeable with cryptos.

In this article, I am going to discuss step-by-step guide on how to make an animated NFT Art successfully. So, if you are willing to create animated NFT then follow the step below.

What Is Animated NFT?

We all are familiar with animated videos and animated Gifs. People state Animation as the future of media and art. So many people are learning and working as animators independently. If you can make the Animation, you should also try doing 2D and 3D animations for the content and the real opportunities. And also can be turned into NFTS easily.

Once you are ready with your animations, you can easily sell them on a blockchain platform by turning them into NFTS. After Connecting your wallet to an NFT exchange, all you have to do is follow the rules, or you can also hire a freelancer to help you out with the process.

How To Create An Animated NFT Art?

Buying, selling, and creating on NFTS can be risky if you know the use of this platform. You can lose money rather than earn and feel like you are gambling with your assets. There are so many unclear and undiscussed hidden fees which can be a problem. But if you are ready for the adventure, there are some to-do lists to make an animated NFT.

Step-01: Choose An NFT Platform

At first, you’ll have to choose an NFT and cryptocurrency platform for your art. You’ll have to choose the forum which will facilitate your work. There are many options like Nifty gateway, Raible, Opensea, and NFT stars.

There are different NFT platforms for various uses like the yellow heart is solely a music-centric platform. So you’ll have to choose a platform that supports the kind of art you make, such as animated videos.

To start with your NFT platform, you will have to pay a certain amount in cryptocurrency of Ether. In addition to this, you will need to take into consideration that the worth of ether is subject to extreme swings.

The wise thing will be if you do your research before investing in any of those platforms. The method, however how simple it may seem to be, is not without its inherent dangers.

Step-02: Create A Digital Wallet

You will have to create a digital wallet to purchase your Ether or cryptos. It will make your transactions easier and hassle-free. It will connect you to your chosen NFT platform. According to so many users, one of the most reliable digital wallets is the Binance wallet and Meta mask, which is available as both an App and a browser.

You must download the software and agree to the recovery phase to create a digital wallet. The recovery phase is also known as the seed phrase, a series of few words that will give you access to the crypto-related wallet.

If you want to add money, aka Ether, you can add them by apple pay or debit card. This Ether will be used for your further NFTS transactions.

Step-03: Promote Your Animated Videos

Thirdly you will have to upload your work on your chosen platform. Different NFT platforms have other requirements for uploading artworks. So you will have to follow the requirements of the platform you have chosen.

But generally, on platforms like Raible, the requirements are simple. Your animated videos must be TXT, PNG, GIF, WEBP, MP3, or MP4 files, and the file size must be at least 30MB. You have to keep one thing in mind you have to pay a certain amount up front for this process.

Once you are done with the uploading process, you must put a price on your artwork and use the right keywords. Also, you have to mention the royalty percentage you wish to get from your work for future resales.

After listing your NFT on a platform, it is accessible for people to bid on. And you have to promote it properly to get the eth coming. You can promote your NFT in various ways. You can promote them over your social media platforms and in your associate’s groups. You can also build your own crypto community to get the best of it.

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Advantages Of Animated NFT Art

There are many advantages of NFT Animation. Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages of NFT Animation arts:

No Compromise On The Authenticity

This platform will never compromise the integrity of your animated videos. A unique code will be attached to your crypto art, which will hold its authenticity.

Although making a fake copy of artwork over the internet is very easy, those copied works will never hold the same value as your authentic artwork. The attached code makes every crypto work unique, even if there are so many similar contents.

Receiving Royalties For Animated NFT Arts

NFTS grants both parties the opportunity to profit from the crypto art. Although it should be a common practice among the owners who buy their art to make an arrangement where both will benefit in the long run, many small companies do not value this culture.

NFT Animation, on the other hand, guarantees long-term gains for all parties. So when a crypto art owner sells his artwork, he still gets 10% of the future profit, and the one who buys the painting will avail the rest, and the platform will get a small percentage. NFTS always make sure to protect the rights of your crypto art.

Huge Marketplace Opportunities

The cryptocurrency world offers you a decentralized platform, which is different from traditional platforms. It is a massive opportunity for animators. This new platform for displaying their crypto art in a broad marketplace is a different experience. The market opportunity in this crypto platform is better and more vast than the traditional platforms.

People might not be interested in paying enough for your artwork on a traditional platform. But on this platform, the scenario is different and profitable.

Disadvantages of Animated NFT Arts

When you want to know how to create an animated NFT, you also have to know its disadvantages; as alluring as the cryptocurrency world appears, it also has some disadvantages.

High Gas [Ethereum] Fees

With every transaction, you will have to pay the gas price. As I said earlier, it still has some hidden charges, as easy as this platform seems. To get into the platform, you must pay in Ethereum upfront.

It is not a con situation, but it still can make a hole in your crypto wallet. You will have to pay the gas price even if it’s a failed transaction. So to make the best use of the platform, you can hire a trader who will be able to balance the situation. As an animator, you will see that the transaction prices fluctuate significantly.

Negative Impact On The Environment

The environmental damage caused by NFT Animation and crypto art’s necessary energy use and carbon footprint is their major drawback. The majority of carbon footprints from the NFTS are caused by the many transactions, including bidding, canceling, trading, minting, as well as transferring ownership.

As an animator, you must refrain from such toxicity; you wouldn’t want something creative to affect in a negative way the environment.

Difficulty In Cryptocurrency Process

As easy as it seems, dealing in cryptocurrency can initially be overwhelming. As we are not familiar with the process, naturally, it will be difficult for us to understand the whole transaction process. As a result, you can fall victim to fraud. If someone with the wrong mindset sees you struggling as a newcomer, they will take advantage of that situation.

Security Issue Of Animated NFT Arts

The animated videos are secured with a unique code, but there are still some things to think about. Technology doesn’t always work as we want. The digital link of your work can crash or go out of order. Any technical glitch can happen that can erase your file and make a hole in your crypto wallet.

Also, hacking is never off the table on digital platforms, no matter how secure the website is. The NFTs platform you have chosen can also run out of business for some reason, and if that happens, you will lose all your profits and currencies.

What Are The Reasons Behind NFTS’ Popularity?

The main reason behind NFTS’s popularity is the boost of technology. Although NFTS has been around since 2015, it is gaining more recognition and boost these days. Another reason behind its polarity is the acceptance of cryptocurrency around the world.

Owners of creative Animation or artwork prefer this platform because they have ownership of their own work. And they can easily continue making a profit through this platform by investing very little. Even if it is sold via these platforms, the artwork will still be available online. But the owner of the work will have full access to the real artwork.

Even if people try to, they can’t make a copy or fake outline of this. When the original work is sold, the owner will still get 10 percent of the cut, the platform will get a small percentage, and the current owner will get the revenue.

Also, unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTS can not be exchanged directly with one another because no two items are the same on this platform. NFTS is getting more popularity for its authenticity. So you have to know the process of how to create an animated NFT.

What Does The Future Of NFT Hold?

NFT has gained a lot of media exposure because of its fellow celebrity artists. Aspiring artists share their experience of NFTS on their social media platforms. Knowing about its popularity, people are spending hundreds of dollars on NFT platforms.

Many professionals in the cryptocurrency business agree with David Gerard, the author of the assault on the 50-foot blockchain, that over 40% of new crypto consumers will utilize NFTS as their entrance point.

As people accept cryptocurrency with an open mind, platforms like NFTS are becoming more popular. Also, these virtual activities are getting popular with the high moves over metaverse.

Controversies About NFT

NFTS has drawn quite an attention from both the supporters and skeptics. Critics of NFTS are always skeptical about the platform because they think one can easily download content from their platform, which is quite conflicted.

After all, the platforms take a good amount of money to give the animation owners full access to their artworks. And content creators create an account on the platform to secure and deposit their artwork so that plagiarism doesn’t happen and people have to pay to access their artwork. The critics think the whole NFT platform is nothing but hype.

On the other hand, the supporters deny the accusation. They say that they are being benefited in many ways by using this platform. They are being rewarded, getting to know people, and getting invited to important events through these platforms, adding value to their social status.

Wrap Up

You already know how to create an animated NFT. Whether NFT is a good investment or not is hard to say. To get into it is your personal preference. NFT is a perfect platform for people who create content as a hobby and wants to do something out of a passion for their artwork. It is highly volatile, and the marketplace is vast.

The opportunities are immense, and you can be the owner of your own crypto art, which gives you a sense of independence. Despite its popularity, NFT is still a new platform, and as it is totally different from our traditional investment, the risk is not on the table.

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